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Case Studies

Company / Title Products Discipline
SGI Helps Inova Transitional Medicine Institute (ITMI) Power Research with one of the Largest Genomic Family History Databases in the World SGI UV & InfiniteStorage Healthcare
MilliporeSigma Chooses SGI UV for SAP HANA to Achieve Significant Business Growth SGI UV Life Sciences
Qorvo - Leading RF Solutions Firm Significantly Reduces Simulation Times and Failure Rates SGI UV Semiconductors and Electronics Design
DUG - Taking Oil and Gas Exploration to the Next Level SGI Rackable Oil & Gas
IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center Pushes Parallel Computing SGI ICE Research
GMI - Intensifying Research Into Plant Evolution SGI ICE Research
ZAMG - Accurate Forecasting Models SGI ICE Research
Masaryk University: SMP 'Workhorse' Enables New Avenues of Cutting-edge Research SGI UV Research
University of Zurich Boosts Delivery of Ground-Breaking Research with SGI SGI UV Research
United States Postal Service (USPS) - Enhancing Postal Efficiency SGI UV Government
INMET Expands its Computational Capacity: Gains Speed and Resolution SGI UV Life Sciences
Institute for Protein Research at Osaka University SGI UV & InfiniteStorage Life Sciences
Biogemma Uses Improved Memory Sharing to Minimize Research Time SGI UV Life Sciences
TGAC Uses Coherent Shared Memory Supercomputer for Genome Analysis SGI UV Life Sciences
ENEA Develops Climate Models Bridging Research and User Needs SGI UV Climate Research
National University of Singapore - Taming the Big Data Avalanche from Instrumentation SGI InfiniteStorage Life Sciences
Total Accelerates New Energy Field Exploration and Development SGI ICE Oil & Gas
Turkish State Meteorological Service SGI UV, CXFS & InfiniteStorage Meteorology & Climatology
UNSW Launches Research Data Archive SGI InfiniteStorage & Mediaflux Research