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Resource & Workload Scheduling

Resource and workload scheduling allows you to manage large, complex applications, dynamic and unpredictable workloads, and optimize limited computing resources. SGI offers several solutions that you can choose from to best meet your needs.

Altair Engineering PBS Professional

Altair PBS Professional is SGI's preferred workload management tool for technical computing scaling across SGI's clusters and servers. SGI and Altair share a technology partnership to support energy efficient computing at exascale levels. PBS Professional is sold by SGI and supported by Altair Engineering and SGI.


  • Policy driven workload management which improves productivity, meets service levels, and minimizes hardware and software costs
  • Integrated operation with SGI Management Center for features such as workload driven, automated dynamic provisioning
  • Datasheet (PDF)

Adaptive Computing
Moab HPC Suite Enterprise Edition

Adaptive Computing Moab HPC Suite Enterprise Edition enables intelligent predictive scheduling for workloads on scalable systems.


  • Policy-based, enterprise-ready HPC workload manager that integrates scheduling, managing, monitoring, and reporting of cluster workloads
  • Includes TORQUE resource manager