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Designing new products is an intense process of iterations through prototypes that shift comprehensively with each modification. The time and cost of repeatedly creating the prototypes during the design process can cause businesses to lose their prime window of opportunity to competitors.

Within the manufacturing industry, virtual reality has a significant impact on the areas of conceptual design, digital prototyping, engineering analysis, and production planning and training. It also serves as an increasingly effective business tool for sales and marketing. By making decisions based on digital models, companies can save developmental time and money while significantly reducing time to market-ahead of their competitors.

Likewise, the demands of design are pushing the envelope on innovations at a faster pace than ever. Protecting our country and streamlining the way we move through space, wind and time are aided by the ability to visualize the components in solutions both singularly and in concert to produce the outcomes we envision.

Manufacturing and design, whether applied to the latest consumer products, defense solutions, space exploration or Formula One racecars is enhanced by improved technological capabilities and SGI Professional Services has the expertise to put you on the leading edge.

Improve the application of structural modeling and aerodynamic simulation:

In the highly technical world of F1 racing, the difference between the fastest car and the slowest is perhaps 3-4 seconds. F1 is all about fine tuning and innovations driven by technology to shave off fractions of a second. Formula One cars are comprised of more than 6,000 components, almost all of them custom-made.

For a number of years, McLaren racing has partnered with SGI to drive that incredible amount of innovation out of SGI solutions including a business continuity strategy, expansion of their aerodynamics simulation capabilities and evolution of their structural design modeling expertise.

Need for Comprehensive IT Solution to Meet Design Needs
When your company depends on innovation for continued growth, it just won't do to allow the proliferation of departmental technology solutions that restrict asset access and limit collaboration.

A large US based manufacturing company needed to keep the pace of their continuous innovation, but had redundancies and limitations with each business practice procuring and housing their own technology solutions. Collaboration was limited and a lack of in-house HPC technical expertise was limiting the realizable value of their intelligence assets due to differences in application requirements and user needs. SGI Professional Services designed a solution to enable seamless capacity to switch between Windows and Linux, and a storage system to delivery comprehensive access and utilization of their assets across research disciplines as they pursue structural mechanics and 3D code innovations.

If you need to improve the ways in which your company enables design to get to innovations faster, contact SGI Professional Services today.